FS Industrial Dry Cooler Series

The FS-Series has been developed specifically for projects where the ambient and site conditions are harsh. A wide array of materials and motor choices allow for flexible design options to meet specific requirements.

The FS industrial series can be constructed with heat exchangers up to 12 meters long and up to a width of 2.4 meters. The standard 2.2 meter wide version is suitable for containerized shipment. Sandwich cooler arrangements for HT/LT process cooling applications are easily selected with CoilCalc selection software.

Fans and motors are individually selected and sized for optimal efficiency.


Control Options

EAS offers a wide range of control option for different setups.

  • Basic - EC enclosures
  • Premium - EC enclosures
  • Basic Controller ir33
  • Premium Controller pCO5
  • F-Controller
  • U-Controller
  • Safety Switch
  • Common Terminal

Details of each option can be found HERE or in the Control options section in the top menu.

Features & benefits

Designed for conditions with the most stringent requirements, EAS introduced the industrial grade FS-Series Dry Cooler / Air cooled Condenser, with options to fit a wide range of applications.


  • Smaller foot print compared to commercial units
  • Less fans & motors resulting in less maintenance
  • Ships fully assembled with all lifting provisions
  • Fully factory wired options available


  • Spray adiabatic options
  • Multiple fan choices for sound sensitivity
  • Multiple motor options including ATEX
  • Flexible layout options including elevated stand
  • Wide choice of materials
  • HT/LT Sandwich cooler arrangements

ISO 9001 complaint

  • High reliability / High quality
  • PED Compliant
  • Certified documentations


Mountain View


CoilCalc Selection Program

EAS' CoilCalc Selection program is where your custom selection begins. CoilCalc allows the designer to input the system values and then customize the unit for specific conditions. Material selections, Fin Configuration, Fin spacing, Numbers of Fans and many other unit characteristics can be pre-defined when making a selections